Do You Have a Passion for Racing?

How do you see yourself right now? Maybe you are sitting at a desk working on reports. Maybe you are calling sales people about your latest sales project and asking them when the deadline is. Maybe you are organizing your schedule for your new year and prospecting clients. But if you have a passion for racing, we know you’d rather be somewhere else…on the track going from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds! So what are you doing behind a desk?

Calling all Racing Fans
Do you have a passion for racing? Some of the best Chevrolet cars have been featured in famous races by celebrity race car drivers. When you are on the race track, drivers say, they have a feeling of freedom that’s hard to explain. And while we cannot all be famous race car drivers, you can recapture the feeling by owning a quality sports car that is capable of so much potential.

It’s all in your choice of vehicle!
When you have love for cars that handle well on the road, you have to find a car that agrees with your propensity for road freedom. How about a Chevy Corvette or Camaro? With its sleek design and superior handling, the road can be yours! Chevrolet is known for these highly-acclaimed vehicles that are currently featured in actual professional racing. Engineering Technology in racing has made it into these High-Performance

About the Corvette
When you look at the Corvette, you can see how it is considered to be one of the most spectacular sports cars of all times! With its dynamic curves and lines, internal engine and engineering, and other aspects, it’s sure to be the sports car lover’s dream. It comes in several different colors and always appeals to the individual who would rather be “at the races” than anywhere else. The Corvette sports a 460 horsepower (V8) engine and gets up to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. How’s that for speed?

About the Camaro
The Chevrolet Camaro is also a very impressive vehicle that shines like the wax on the Sistine Chapel floor. It has an almost majestic appearance in blue or any of your favorite colors and consists of some of the best custom engineering and design known to man. It can go up to 60mph in 4 seconds, giving you the kind of torque and control that only Mark Martin could appreciate or understand! So if you have a need to drive, we can help!

Do Curves Like a Boss
Of course the Corvette and Camaro are not the only automobiles available to those who love to hug the road and do the curves like a boss! Even the less assuming Malibu does pretty well on the open road! So if you like being in control of your car, the road, and your life, these are the choices for you. Look up Corvettes and Camaros online and then come in and see us to see what we can do to help you find your dream car.

Even if you are on the lowest level of the chain at your place of business, you can be a boss on the road!
It’s Not Just a Family Car Anymore
Chevrolet used to have a jingle back in the 1980s that mentioned the way Chevy is an Americana type car that fits the needs of the all-American family.

While it was a witty jingle and an effective commercial for its time, it may have given people the impression that Chevy only built family cars. While they do make family cars like the Chevy Cruze and trucks that you’ll find on our lot (among others), don’t think that that’s all you’ll find.

In fact, you should come look at our high performance Chevrolet Camaros and Corvettes we have on the lot right now at Roy Nichols Motors! We have new inventory for the new year and we’ve redesigned about 40% of our models to suit our customers’ needs.

We sell the full line of Chevrolet cars so you’ll find something for everyone! Whether you are in the market for a great family car, a Chevy Silverado Truck or Colorado Truck, Equinox, or a sporty Corvette or Camaro, we’ve got it all!

Where to Find Us
You’ll find us in Ontario, Canada and the name is Roy Nichols Motors. We have a passion for racing too, as well as great cars. We will talk with you when you visit with us and we’ll make you a deal on any of the Chevys we have on the lot. We have a wide selection of great Chevys right now. But if you still don’t find what you want, just let us know and we’ll do our best to locate or order it for you!

A Company Built on Trust
Our company is based on building trust and rapport, not price. We believe that we should be your friend in the car business and we make every sale and deal we make about the customer. We believe that, when we help the customer find what they want, we all win. And you’ll see that is the way we do business when you visit with us. Also be sure to add us to Facebook so you can see our latest posts and specials as they happen. We don’t want you to miss a thing!

Drive Safely! Remember, no matter what kind of car you get, you should always obey the speed limit when driving public roadways. You don’t want to risk your life, the lives of others or your safety when driving. But it’s nice to know that these cars can speed up when you need them too to pass more safely and give you the extra security you need while traveling.
Once you have purchased your Camaro or Corvette and want the opportunity to experience the capability of your new high performance Chevy we can recommend some safe driving schools. Our dealership is only 15 minutes away from the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Corvette and Camaro owners can join a car club and have an opportunity to drive on the road racing track. If you have a passion for racing, this is your chance to get a great sports car and Corvette owners have the opportunity to attend that Ron Fellows Corvette Owners School.

How to Find the Best Car for Your Needs

That special day has arrived. Your daughter is getting married. You knew the day would arrive. You can’t say that you are happy about it in some ways. You remember carrying her in your arms up to your room so many times, drying her tears when she fell and scraped her knee, and so many other occasions that you shared.
You will have to get used to her being out of the house. You can’t remember the last time that happened since she was small except for the time she went to Junior College. But she always came back. This time, she won’t be coming back except to visit as she finds the time.

Despite your angst at losing your daughter to a man you hardly know but must now call “son,” your main concern is how the wedding day will go. Will you have enough food for all the guests? Will the photographer do a good job with the photography? Will the dress get back in time from the seamstress? There is so much to remember when it comes to hosting a wedding!

As you feel the perspiration start to gather on your brow, you realize that you’ve forgotten about the getaway car. The getaway car is one of the most important aspects of a bride’s special day! How could you forget this essential element? With haste, you call your husband who is still finishing his day at the office and ask him to come home immediately.
Fearing a family crisis, he does and arrives in his Silverado pickup like some superhero out of a Batman movie. You are happy that he was able to fight the traffic and get home so soon and you tell him about the getaway car and how you failed to remember this important detail.

He complains that you got him out of an important meeting on company stocks for a minute detail that could have been arranged later. But you insist that it’s too important to put off.

He tells you not to worry and that he has a solution. You wait, staring out the kitchen window until you see him pull up a few minutes later in a white Camaro, looking like one of the royal steed of the English palace. You proclaim how perfect it is and how wonderful he is for thinking of it.

It was the car you bought your other daughter for her twenty-first birthday before she left home for good. It brings back memories of the first send-off of a child from your household and you cry. But then you remember how special the day will be because you have everything in place.

The getaway car is ready. Everything is in place. The seamstress calls to confirm that you can pick up the dress in an hour. This is really going to happen. It was a car fit for a princess.

Our Cars are a Part of Our Lives
There are a lot of human moments connected to our vehicles. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, and just everyday events that make us stop and give us pause. They reach into our hearts and remind us that our cars are a big part of our lives. They help define who we are. What does your vehicle say about you? Do you find yourself wishing that your vehicle understood you better? How can you capture your personality in your vehicle?

Shopping for the Perfect Vehicle
Are you in the market for a car or truck? There are some considerations that you should take into account when searching for the perfect automobile. You don’t want just any car or truck. It needs to say something about you and your lifestyle. Can you imagine driving a station wagon when you are a teenager or a truck when you are a business person who wants a vehicle for corporate meetings?

It’s important to fit the person with the car and that’s what we do. We are customer needs focused and we understand the importance of fitting you to the right vehicle. Whether it’s a gift for a special someone for their graduation, an additional family car for a vacation, or for any other reason, we have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from.

If you are searching for the best car for your needs, consider these tips as you shop.

Consider the Functionality
One of the most important components of a car is the functionality. When you need transportation that reflects your needs, you should consider what type of activities you are most involved in. Do you enjoy hunting and fishing? Then you will probably want to look at our truck line to see what fits your needs. The versatility and durability of a truck will help you enjoy your love of the outdoors even more. If you are a business person who wants to make an impression, you will want to look at the cars that help you define your image as a serious business person.
Think of the color, the amount of room you’ll need, and other factors when you shop. Buying a car for that all-important business position is important and you’ll want to find a vehicle that helps your image in the business world.

Consider the Purpose
Along with the functionality of the vehicle you choose, you’ll want to keep the purpose in mind, too. What will you usually be using your vehicle for? Will you use it primarily for business trips, hunting excursions, or outings with the family? Think about how you will use your car most of the time and base your decision on that.

Consider the Price
You want your vehicle to reflect who you are, but you don’t want the reflection to blind you. In other words, you should try to live within your means. Finding the perfect vehicle involves more than just locating a car that fits your personality or your purpose. You should consider the cost of ownership. Chevy has been rewarded with multiple J.D Power Awards for initial quality and durability. By shopping and comparing the wide array of vehicles we have available, you will find a car that fit your needs.

Buying A Used Forklift

If you have decided to buy a used forklift, whether it be updating your existing unit, starting a new venture. There are literally thousands out there in the market place. It can get a bit daunting, but here’s a few tips that might make it easier for you to navigate

Know what you need.

This is simple, there is a wide range of different specifications, you need to be sure of the job you are doing and what you need to do it. Ie. – Wanting to load and unload containers – Its pointless trying to drive into a container if you have a 5 000 mm 2 stage mast with a lowered clearance of 2 500mm.

You need a 3 stage 4 500 mm mast, that has a lowered overall height to go into a container.

If you are unsure what you need, try visiting a reputable forklift dealer, and explaining what work your are doing. They will be able to provide you with some advice you what you will need to do the job. Also browse the stock they have there, you might find a bargain.

Set a budget

Forklifts are just like cars, there are many different makes, and come in very different prices. Always make sure you know how much money you have got to spend.

Ask for Warranty

The forklift industry is currently unregulated, as such forklift dealers do not need to offer warranty. Dealers can offer Warranty when they want. You can generally expect anything from 30 to 90 days. So ask, before you agree on a price.

Beware the liquid overhaul

Weather it be a coat of jam, or a liquid overhaul. You need to be careful and look pass the visual condition of the forklift and make sure its is mechanically sound. If need be get a mechanical inspection done, most small 1 x man subcontractors, are wiling to do this type of work, It might cost you a $100 or so, but it can save you thousands in the future. Also ask for the service records, if it is a ex rental unit, most Dealers are happy to show you this type of record.

Future maintenance

Unfortunately all machinery brakes down at some stage. When you are buying a forklift, always make sure you know where to get it serviced down the track. If you are in the City, its generally no problem, but if you are out in the country, it could be a lot more difficult to get something repaired. If you are handy enough tot do the work yourself, ask where you get parts from. Or if you aren’t make sure you ask where you can get them serviced.

Texting While Driving Can Be Deadlier than DUI

Texting while driving takes the driver’s attention away from the road or traffic around them. These actions can lead to an accident, as part of which severe injuries can result from the driver’s negligence. Although texting is a simple daily activity, all senses are impaired during the act, making texting behind the steering wheel of a moving car worse than driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When a driver is texting, his or her full focus and attention are invested in the phone. This attention is diverted while traffic, pedestrians and objects continue to move past the vehicle on the road. Research has proven that texting does not just take the driver’s attention while they are engaged in the act, but also seriously impairs their ability to manage their vehicle for several seconds afterward while their attention must be refocused back on the road. Time lost during texting and when readjusting to driving can lead to serious accidents, injuries and death.

Texting is an immersive activity used throughout the day to communicate with others. But when texting is a constant focus, it can be difficult for the driver to leave the phone alone while operating their vehicle. Such individuals know it is safer to pull to the side of the road if they must use their phone or text. Instead, they continue driving, pick up the phone and even text while they are supposed to be paying attention to traffic and the road in front of them.

Even when the driver only reads texts and does not type a response, the momentary loss of focus on driving is long enough to cause a traffic accident. Lapses like these are the same as lapses when the driver has been drinking or using drugs. Impairment from texting is at its most basic level the same as other impaired driving, but may be worse than DUI in many instances. Law enforcement personnel frequently note the same erratic behaviors and mistakes made by texting drivers, as they do those made by drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

— Continually Increasing Texting Accidents in the U.S. —

Texting accidents are replacing DUI accidents as more common and deadly in the U.S. Although the blood alcohol content of someone who has been drinking cannot exceed 0.08 percent BAC before they are considered illegal for driving and legally drunk, texting while driving has been criminalized by many states. Texting is provided with a zero tolerance status, with any texting behind the wheel being an offense in states with these laws. This is much more progressive toward accident prevention than DUI laws that allow a minimal tolerance to some drinking before driving.

Texting is criminalized in some states because it only takes a moment of distraction to cause a catastrophic collision. When looking at a phone, a driver loses many such moments and gains many opportunities to cause damage, injuries and even death.

Although DUI violations continue to increase, texting while driving has been pushed to lawmakers’ forefront in many states. The National Safety Council revealed in its recent reports that accidents caused by texting drivers number over 1.6 million wrecks per year. More than ten teenagers or passengers in their vehicles die each day from texting while driving in the U.S.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a person must consume four beers and drive, before being as dangerous as someone texting while driving. A texting driver is six times more likely to cause an accident than someone who drives while intoxicated.
Educating Drivers about Dangers of Texting While Driving

Many groups and associated programs have been developed to increase awareness of the public regarding dangers of texting while driving. Unfortunately, there is not yet a group as powerfully driven to educate the public about texting and driving as the 1980s-developed Mothers Against Drunk Driving. MADD has extensive support, resources and political power compared to any anti-texting campaign, program or agency in America. It will take time for anti-texting programs to develop and gain the power of those associated with DUI prevention.

Although DUI campaigns have often caused differences in opinion and even controversy regarding methods of educating the public, efforts by anti-DUI groups have led to criminalization of DUI offenses. These actions have indeed saved lives through education of the public, political influence, resulting legislation and law enforcement.

A big question is whether the same type of laws could be effective in prevention of texting while driving accidents. Some agencies questions whether consequences and criminal outcomes should be harsher for these types of offenses.

— When You Are Injured in a Texting While Driving Accident —

If you or someone you love have been injured or suffered serious damages in a texting while driving accident, you can seek compensation for your injuries through a personal injury claim. With the expert help of a well-established personal injury and auto accident attorney, your case may lead to compensatory and even punitive damages.

A Caring Friend in the Car Business

Are you in the market for a new car? Do you feel like most car dealerships are only interested in making sales and don’t seem to care about what you really need or want? That is a complaint we often hear when customers are talking about many car dealerships. But at Roy Nichols Motors, we take a different approach.

We believe that you deserve a caring friend in the car business, Carey Miller at Roy Nichols Motors has built his reputation on this. Someone who takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. When your car dealer understands you, they are more likely to find the kind of vehicle you really need. They don’t base their recommendations on what happens to be the highest price vehicle or the vehicle that they can’t seem to move off the lot. Because when you have a caring friend in the car business like Roy Nichols Motors, we know it’s not about us.

How Having the Right Dealer Makes the Difference
When you have the right car dealer who truly cares about your needs, you can tell. They ask questions about you and you get the idea that they really want to know you. This makes you feel important and you know that it is genuine. It’s nice to know that you can find a dealer who cares about your needs.

When you have a car dealer who cares, you truly have a caring friend in the car business. They get to know your preferences and the things that matter most to you. And this can lead to a better outcome for both of you!
Consider the following two scenarios and see if you can see the difference.

Scenario I (It’s All About the Sale)
You drive up to a car dealership and immediately five car salesmen emerge to approach you like a pack of hungry wolves. They seem to be literally fighting over your attention and salivating at the mouth. They all have their notebooks and sales manuals out and they start spouting out what kind of numbers they can run to get you the best deal. Oh, and did I mention that they want you to buy the highest priced vehicle on the lot.

You step back a minute to get a breath from the onslaught, waiting for the moment when one of them will ask you what you are looking for. But that moment never comes. Instead, they tell you what a great deal the car on the front row is. When you ask them how long the car has been on their lot, they say “for over a year.” Then it all becomes clear. They don’t care about you or what you want. They just want to move seemingly immovable inventory!

The other car sales people motion to a few other cars which gives you some hope but then you realize they are steering you toward their highest priced vehicles only! Enough of this!

Scenario II (It’s All About the Customer)
In this scenario, you have a different experience. You drive up in a similar manner to the second car dealership and start walking out to the lot when you are approached by a friendly (but calm) sales person. They ask your name, shake your hand, and even offer you a soda! While you wait for them to make a huge sales pitch about the highest price car, you are relieved to find that the sales person is silent. They are letting you look around yourself. You feel so comfortable with this innovative approach, that you decide to ask a question.

With great delight and surprise, the car dealer answers your question in a way that seems honest and transparent. What a refreshing change from the other dealership! The salesperson starts talking to you about your job, your lifestyle, your family, and your car needs.

You ask more questions and then you ask for their recommendation based on your needs. The car dealer recommends a nice Chevy Equinox. And what do you know? It isn’t even the most expensive car on the lot! It’s a car that you could love. In fact, it’s perfect.

Everyone is Different
When it comes to purchasing a car, everyone is different. We all purchase a vehicle for different reasons. Maybe it’s a new family vehicle you need. Perhaps we’re in the market for a new Chevy Silverado or Colorado Truck. Perhaps a beautiful Chevy Malibu is on your “wish list.” There are many reasons that people look for a vehicle and we know that those reasons can be as diverse as the individual who is shopping for the car. Whatever the case, talk to your dealer at Roy Nichols Motors and we’ll be glad to help!

You’ve Got a Friend
As James Taylor once said, “you’ve got a friend.” At Roy Nichols Motors, we take the approach that everyone deserves a caring friend in the car business who truly cares about your needs. You don’t want fancy sales pitches. You don’t want fancy talk. And you don’t want to buy the highest price car on the lot (unless it is truly the one you want). You just wanted someone like Carey Miller to listen to you.

That’s what we do. We have a full lot of beautiful vehicles to choose from where you’ll find at least one to meet your needs. At Chevrolet we have redesigned 40% of our models that are on the lot right now and many of them have unique features that you have to see to believe. But don’t take our word for it. Come into Roy Nichols Motors and see for yourself.

Be sure to add us on Facebook and Twitter and follow us to see what deals we offer and come back often to see what we can do for you. We’re your caring friend in the car business. We know that if we listen to our customers, everyone will win.

Drugged Driving Leads to Accidents on American Roadways

Each day, many motor vehicle accidents occur on American roadways due to driving under the influence. Alcohol is often the source of impairment for these drivers. But many accidents are caused by drug use.

— Drugged Driving Laws—
Both state and federal laws specify how drugged drivers are penalized for their actions and how a claim against such drivers may apply. Each state varies in their own position against drugged driving, with some states being completely intolerant and others offering some leeway. Roughly one third of the nation’s states take a zero tolerance position. The variation from state-to-state causes confusion for many and substantial differences in how drugged driving cases may be pursued, as well as the outcome for victims.

In some states today, certain drugs once considered very dangerous have been legalized for medical or recreational use. This confuses the drugged driving liability issue even more. Each person’s body responds uniquely to drugs based on their individual chemistry, history of use, the type of drug, amount used, body size and other factors. States are struggling to find ways to regulate legal limits in balance with changing laws governing use of these drugs. Overall, the goal is to protect citizens on roads, something that may be easier said than done with rapid changes to legal drug use.

— Legalization Issues in Drugged Driving—
As laws are passed to legalize some drugs, fatal accidents from drugged driving increase, according to the Journal of Epidemiology. Results of 23,500 drivers were included in this study. The drivers were provided with a toxicology test no longer than one hour following involvement in a motor vehicle accident between 1999 and 2010. The study indicated 12 percent of fatalities from these auto accidents were related to impaired driving in 1999.

By 2010, 28 percent of fatalities were due to impaired driving. Marijuana was the cause of impairment in four percent of these accidents in 1999, with a change to 12 percent in 2012. One of every nine drivers in accidents with fatalities have been found to test positive for use of marijuana, according to the study. During the 11 year study, alcohol impairment rates remained consistent and did not show these marked increases.

Studies by other organizations have reflected the same results. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 22 percent of drivers had consumed illegal, prescription or over-the-counter medications. These results did not change from day to night driving. The most aggressive change in behavior of drivers related to the age group of 50 to 59 years, with those drivers increasing illegal drug use from 3.4 percent in 2002 to 7.2 percent in 2010. About one quarter of fatalities due to drugged driving were due to drivers in this age range.

One survey revealed that one out of every six collegians drives under the influence of drugs each year, not including alcohol. This study was conducted in the year 2011.

— Drug Statistics—
46.5 percent of drugged drivers had used prescription medication, according to a nationwide study of fatal crashes in 2010. Among these drugged drivers, almost 37 percent had used marijuana and almost 10 percent used cocaine. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprazolam and diazepam were the most commonly used prescription drugs by drivers. Not all of these uses of prescribed drugs were legal.

— Dangers of Drugged Driving—
People who drive while intoxicated with alcohol are 13 times more likely to cause a car accident with fatalities. Mixing alcohol and marijuana leads to a 24 times greater chance of a fatal car accident. Civil lawsuits often result due to loss of lives, serious injuries and the overall impact experienced by families due to these accidents. Drugged driving may also lead to criminal charges against drivers responsible for accidents. Impaired drivers can be fined, arrested, required to provide community service and even imprisoned.

— Preventing Drugged Driving—
Preventing drugged driving starts with not driving when taking medications or illicit drugs. Designated drivers are the easiest means of preventing these terrible accidents. When marijuana is being consumed, passengers should be careful to not expose drivers to second hand smoke. Those taking prescription drugs should discuss with their doctor whether driving is safe while using the medication. Prescription medications should never be used by anyone except those to whom the drugs are prescribed. Alcohol should never be mixed with medications or consumed during the same time period.

— Getting Help When Injuries Are Suffered—
When a drugged driving auto accident occurs, consulting with a personal injury lawyer can help provide direction toward filing a legal claim. Impairment leading to an accident is a possible criminal matter, as well. Anyone who believes their own impaired state may have led to an auto accident should immediately talk to a criminal lawyer.

Proving a Defect Car Part Was Responsible for Your Car Accident

Sometimes car accidents are not the result of driver negligence. There are cases where the liability is with the manufacturer who failed to ensure a vehicle is safe before putting it in the hands of a customer. In such cases, the plaintiff must prove how the manufacturer failed and why they should be held responsible for the resulting accident.

— Automotive Defects Are More Common Than You May Think —

There are three kinds of defects that may affect automobile safety. The first is in design, with the vehicle being flawed even before it was built. Normal usage of a poorly designed vehicle can result in injury. A good example of this type of defect is a car in which the fuel line connections create potential for fire.

A second type of defect is in manufacturing. A manufacturing defect occurs when parts are not properly or well made. If the parts on a vehicle are not the right shape or size, they can fail to work or come loose and cause injury to the driver, occupants or other people on the roadways.

The third type of defect is a warning defect. This is a failure by the manufacturer to notify customers of a known vehicle danger. An example of this type of defect is when the manufacturer knows that a part has resulted in multiple accidents, injuries or death of customers and yet the manufacturer does not issue a recall of customers with that same type of vehicle known to contain the defect part.

— Overview of Vehicle Defects —

Safe operation of a vehicle can be disrupted by defective auto parts. Such defects may be electronic or mechanical. Even the software designed to keep drivers and passengers safe can be defective. A defective part may lead to accidents. When enough of these types of problems have been found in association with a particular car model, a recall is issued.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires manufacturers to issue recalls when parts do not meet safety standards. This is done to ensure future accidents do not occur due to the same known cause. Over 390 million cars and trucks have been recalled to date, with 66 million auto parts and 46 million tires being replaced due to defects.

Liability is determined when the defect affects people. Injury and death can result from a vehicle part that breaks, with manufacturers possibly being held liable for the accident damages.

— Damages Due to Defective Parts —

Vehicle defects often destroy cars and trucks from within, where the defects may not be perceptible by drivers. Defects can cause accidents affecting multiple people and property. Each defect can cost thousands of dollars in destruction with injuries to people that include broken bones, abrasions, contusions and minor injuries.

— Liability in Defective Parts —

It is up to the plaintiff in a personal injury case to prove auto defect resulted in an accident. Because these cases can be quite complex, plaintiffs usually enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer may conduct an investigation to gain evidence of the defect that caused the accident.
For such a case to be successful in court, the plaintiff must prove that the defect caused or contributed to the accident. For manufacturer liability to be proven, the plaintiff must show that the defect originated from the manufacturing process or otherwise while the vehicle was in the hands of the manufacturer.

When a defect is proven to have existed while under the manufacturer’s control, damages to the plaintiff must have occurred for any financial liability on the part of the manufacturer. A personal injury lawyer will review case information, circumstances and documentation to establish proof of damages caused by the defect in whole or in part.

— Working with a Lawyer for a Defect Case —

When buying a vehicle, drivers entrust that the vehicle meets safety standards and that the quality of that vehicle will ensure safety of those using it. When accidents happen due to a defect, injuries may be inflicted on the driver, passengers and others on the road. Lives may even be lost.

There are many things that a lawyer may need from the accident victims during a case, such as cooperation in not tampering with the vehicle until an examiner can inspect it. Defective auto part cases are particularly sensitive in this realm because it must be proven that the defect was from the manufacturer and not as a result of tampering after the car was sold to the customer. Documentation that may be required can include vehicle purchase paperwork, service records, records of damage, personal medication lists from the driver, insurance transaction details and traffic analysis.

The difficulty of a defect case involves the knowledge and experience of a personal injury attorney. Such an attorney has the right awareness, investigations connections and resources for proving such a case, when a defect exists.

Racing Video Games Have Become the New Bedroom Car Posters

When Gran Turismo Sport is released in November, aficionados of Sony PlayStation’s flagship driving game will have a new skill to master: the art of automotive photography. Scapes, the next generation of the game’s Photo Mode, will enable players to drop photo-realistic images of their favorite personalized race cars with built-in android car dvd and android 2 din car stereo onto landscapes, snapped by the car industry’s leading photographers, while toying with the angles, lighting, and shutter speeds as if they were in the field. From there, those images can be downloaded and turned into wallpapers for phones, used as avatars, and even shared on Snapchat.

For gearheads of bygone eras, magazine cut-outs of Lamborghinis taped inside high school lockers or that “flying Porsche” poster hung on a bedroom wall used to be the closest teenagers could get to their dream car which is perfect with android car gps. But these days, highly realistic racing games have taken car lust to a much higher level, allowing kids to delve deep into a vehicle’s history and construction, customize its livery, and test its mettle on a track—all from the comfort of their couch. What these same kids might not realize, however, is that they are being influenced in ways that no poster can compete with.

Research has shown that the brain releases the same neurotransmitters and hormones during driving games as they would during a physical race, says Alexander Edwards, president of brand consulting firm Strategic Visions. With 1:1 vehicle replicas and technically accurate tracks, the virtual world is so realistic that players start responding to the games on a chemical basis as if they were actually there. In fact, the experiences have become so life-like that if players clock enough hours in Gran Turismo they can get their FIA license valid for amateur racing by Opel navi in some countries.

According to Edwards, such intense emotions imprinted over hundreds of hours of playing these racing games can end up having a huge effect on kids. They can mold their identities, influence their automotive aspirations, and even guide their vehicle and android car dvd player purchases.

“Video games have an incredible impact on our self perception,” Edwards says. For the most avid players, games enable them to become that ideal version of themselves, and as a result, the cars they play are the ones they aspire to own. As an example, Edwards hosted a focus group of males between the ages of 11 to 16 and found that for those participants Fords and Chevrolets were the vehicles they were most interested in because those were the cars they “drove” in video games.

“They’re saying, ‘I can’t drive yet, but when I drive I want to drive the one I have a good experience with in a video game,'” he says. Although it’s not clear if video games drive the desire to buy certain brands, or if brand affiliation influences the cars and the inner installations of android car GPS or vauxhall sat nav a person selects in a game, the link is too clear to ignore—brands that have the highest percentage of young buyers, such as Kia, Mazda, and Scion, also have the largest portion of players.

Citroën’s design future innovation and simplicity

We believe that cars are becoming overcomplicated and overdesigned. The Cactus M is all about the spirit of simplicity. All the best old Citroën have a romantic feeling to them: the 2CV, the Méhari, the DS, the car dvd, the android car GPS. That’s what we’re trying to recapture here.

Cars are becoming more complicated yes, but don’t assume everyone wants more gadgets. My young designers in their 20s are buying ‘young-timers’ in their spare time – ’80s and ’90s cars like Porsche 944s. They appreciate simple pleasures. If we do add technology like safety features to our range, they should operate by car dvd player seamlessly in the background.

We’ve designed the Cactus M around the surfer lifestyle: we spoke to real surfers and they loved icons like the VW Combi and our old Méhari beach buggy. But why shouldn’t modern cars slot into people’s lifestyles too? I hope in future we can offer gm navigation for more niches, so customers don’t have to go to aftermarket suppliers like Thule to carry their surfboards and bicycles. We should be providing for our customers’ needs.

Airbump is an example of design and engineering working hand in hand. The styling team came up with the concept originally and had no idea how it might work in production. It could have been inflatable or a special material – but the engineers went away and made it work. People either love Airbump or hate it. We will continue to develop the technology include android car gps, but it won’t feature on every new Citroën moving forwards. It divides opinion too much.

We love pushing our designs to the limits, but we have to be constrained by economic reality. Headlamps are a case in point: we can do amazing things with LED lights, but one LED costs more than six bulbs. There’s no point designing something that’s going to add €500 to the retail price if it puts the car out of reach of its typical customers.

Innovation is what Citroën is all about. The DS famously pushed the boundaries and so did the Traction Avant – one of the first cars with a monocoque chassis. It made it 200-300kg lighter than the competition. That’s true innovation.

Citroën can do luxury cars with top class android car stereo still – it’s just a different expression. It can be relaxing, like yachting. That’s the French meaning of luxury – it’ll be very different from the German premium way of doing it.Depending on the project we’re working on, we occasionally ask the Citroën heritage team to bring up one of the old models which come with car dvd player from our back catalogue. We can’t drive them, but they do spend time in our studio. There’s no greater inspiration.’

The Battle for Automotive Brand Loyalty in China

For the better part of two decades, China has been the global automobile industry’s greatest growth market. Since 2000, sales of passenger, light commercial vehicles, car dvd and android car GPS have increased about tenfold—to more than 20 million units a year—surpassing sales even in the U.S. and representing compound annual growth of about 20 percent.

Now that this golden era of super-fast growth is winding down, the vast Chinese car market is entering a new pivotal stage. Instead of only racing to win over first-time buyers, domestic and foreign automakers alike must secure the loyalty of existing customers. Based on research by The Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Consumer and Customer Insight in China, at least three-quarters of Chinese car owners—representing a massive installed base of more than 90 million vehicles—are planning to switch brands when they purchase their next vehicle or installation of android car stereo. We call this impending shift the “great brand migration.”

The reasons for this customer disloyalty vary. A large portion of China’s increasingly affluent consumers want to trade up to higher-quality or more prestigious brands now that they can afford to do so. Millions of others, however, intend to switch to a different car brand within the same segment. Why? When many of these consumers bought their first cars bring with car dvd player, they turned by default to brands they knew. Now, however, they are better informed about their options, and a high number of Chinese drivers are dissatisfied with various aspects of the cars they own.

The findings of BCG interviews with 2,400 car owners in China indicate that Chinese drivers are far more eager to switch brands than average consumers in developed economies. This sentiment, moreover, resounded among owners in every segment—from those driving basic domestic models to owners of pricey luxury vehicles and gm navigation.

Some findings suggest that the next great battle in China’s car market will be waged over customer loyalty. To be sure, China is likely to remain one of the world’s hottest markets for first-time car buyers for the rest of this decade. But success in China will increasingly depend more on automakers’ ability to keep existing customers and to lure customers away from competitors. For companies with a portfolio of car brands across a full range of price points, the ultimate goal should be to build sufficient loyalty in order to win customers and hold on to them as they migrate from lower-priced vehicles to the luxury end—rather than to have to capture these same customers over and over again.

For the handful of automakers that enjoy rock-solid reputations and consumer loyalty in China, the great brand migration of android car GPS is an enormous opportunity to increase share in a still-growing market. Most other car companies, however, must raise their game considerably in order to win the intensifying battle for loyalty.

Domestic brands are under particular pressure as many have been losing market share in China. They must improve their reputations for quality and performance—a daunting task given China’s intense price competition for economy vehicles. But not even multinationals can take their success for granted. The advantages that foreign brands enjoyed among first-time Chinese car buyers are starting to fade as attractive alternatives emerge. Chinese consumers are maturing as car buyers, and they clearly expect better quality, service, performance, car dvd player and android car stereo for their money. For car companies that meet consumer expectations and position their brands correctly, the prize to be won in China is immense.